Al-Khasa'is Al-Muhammadiyya
A Summary Of The Unique Particulars Of The Beloved Prophet ﷺ. Its literature revolves around the unique characteristics and distinctive features of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
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Hilya Calligraphy Panel Precision Reprint in Jali Thuluth and Naskh Scripts (Blue)
Hilya Calligraphy Panel Precision Reprint in Jali Thuluth and Naskh Scripts (Black)
Calligraphy Panel Precision Reprint in Jali Thuluth Script: Surah Al Baqarah Ayah 138
Calligraphy Panel Precision Reprint in Jali Thuluth and Naskh Scripts: Ayatul Kursi
Haji Noor Deen Calligraphy Scroll
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Youth Study Book: Shama'il of the Prophet Muhammad
Ahmadu Bamba: Sage of Senegal
Clear The Path: A Rhyme Book on Manners for Little Muslims
Purity & Prayer: A Rhyming Picture Book of Sacred Rulings ( Faceless Edition)
Our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ) Lift-a-Flap Board Book
Masjid An Nabawi - Islamic Building Blocks Set of the Prophet's Mosque
Khadijah: Mother of History's Greatest Nation
How Much Does Allah Love Me
Juz Amma
Madinah 3D Pop Up Card - Embrace the Beauty of Hajj and Umrah
Who is Muhammad ﷺ | Khurram Murad
Towards Understanding Islam | Abul A'la Mawdudi
The Virtues of Dhul Hijjah | Omar Suleiman
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The Parables of the Qur'an | Yasir Qadhi

Prophetic Wooden Sandal

The depiction of the noble Prophetic sandals has a special place in the hearts of Muslims since it inspires in them the utmost humility towards his high rank ﷺ. Hanging this depiction in their houses, seeking baraka from it.

What is CelebrateMercy?

CelebrateMercy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that teaches about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ’s life and character – to Muslims and the general public. We do this through short films, online campaigns, traveling conferences, and webinars that feature world-renowned speakers and scholars on Islam. Our recent campaign mobilized Muslims to repair vandalized Jewish cemeteries and synagogues, raising over $160,000. News of this campaign reached millions through outlets like CNN, The New York Times and tweets by celebrities like Ellen Degeneres.