The Giant Journey

The Giant Journey
The Giant Journey

The Giant Journey

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A New Way to Introduce Your Child to the Best People in the World
Do you ever wish your children knew more about the Prophets in order for them to love and follow them?

Do you want your children to follow in the footsteps of the Prophets?

The Giant Journey does precisely that, and it will greatly assist you in teaching your children about Allah's most beautiful creations. It assists your child in becoming more acquainted with the Prophets and their lives in a delightful way that stimulates their hearts and brains. This is how:

  • It's a one-of-a-kind story image that will keep in your child's head because it's visually appealing and will help them remember the Prophets in an entertaining way.
  • Each Prophet has an image that corresponds to a key moment in their story, allowing your child to form an immediate mental association that will aid long-term memory.
  • A path has been created to assist your youngster in learning the order in which the Prophets were sent.
  • For the more advanced children, there are tiny subtleties in the paintings that show hidden relationships between the Prophets.
  • Some of the Prophets' names tags are interchangeable, so you can assess your child by asking them to match the Prophet's name to the correct image.
  • The Giant Journey is a giant 75-piece floor puzzle that is just the correct level of difficulty for a youngster aged 5-7 to accomplish. It's also simple to handle, and the pieces aren't little, so they won't be misplaced.
  • The fact that this is a puzzle ensures that your youngster will learn about the Prophets in a more interesting and enjoyable manner.

The Giant Journey is our most popular puzzle of all time, and it has helped countless of children learn about and adore Allah's Prophets.

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