Remind Me of My Dua

Remind Me of My Dua
Remind Me of My Dua
Remind Me of My Dua
Remind Me of My Dua
Remind Me of My Dua
Remind Me of My Dua
Remind Me of My Dua
Remind Me of My Dua

Remind Me of My Dua

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Here's one of the easiest ways to make remembering Allah a habit in your home.
Do you remember Allah often enough? Do you wish you could remember to say your duas for everyday activities such as eating, sleeping, and entering your house? Do you want your kids to remember to recite their duas as well?

What you're looking for is a series of timely reminders that come at the appropriate times and locations, and tell you the suitable dua for each. Remind Me of My Dua does precisely that. Here's how it's done:

  • Remind Me of My Dua includes six of the most common and frequently visited spots in your home, providing lots of reminders.
  • Each card is designed in a compact portrait format to fit on almost any wall in any home.
  • The duas can be read readily from a distance thanks to the huge Arabic wording on the cards.
  • All of the cards have an eye-catching artwork on the front to catch your attention at the appropriate time and place.
  • The duas also provide English translations so that you can follow along with what you're saying.
  • Most importantly, repeating these words of recollection throughout the day keeps you connected to Allah, shielded from Shaytan, and inspired.

These six display cards are designed to be placed at key locations around your home, including:

  • Bedroom (Sleeping & Waking Up)
  • Kitchen (Eating)
  • Front Door (Entering & Leaving Home)
  • Window (Morning & Evening)
  • Cupboard (Getting Dressed)
  • Toilet

Each card is 38cm tall and made of thick laminated card stock. Blue-tac or other light adhesives can be used to adhere the cards to your wall.

Shaytan most likely doesn't want you to buy this Remind Me set because it will encourage your children to remember Allah more and create a defense against Shaytan and his minions.

The choice, however, is entirely yours.

Remind Me is Learning Roots' most popular display product and has already furnished tens of thousands of homes around the world. It also makes a wonderful gift for family and friends.

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