Read and Rise

Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise
Read and Rise

Read and Rise

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What is your child’s lifetime of love for the Quran worth to you?

  • Is your child taking forever to finish the Qaida?

  • Does your child find their current Qaida too boring? 

If that's the case, you're probably worried that this experience will make them associate bad memories with their Quran learning, leading to them not reciting the Quran as often as they should as they get older, missing out on so much reward in this world and the next, leaving you frustrated and regretful.

You'll need a technique to make your kids enthused about learning the Quran while also accelerating their progress. That will assist them in creating enjoyable memories while learning the Quran, ensuring that they will recite it throughout their lives and benefit from the Quran's treasures of peace and guidance.

And you'll be at ease, content, and fulfilled, with no regrets. You're looking for something similar to the Read and Rise.

We've been designing and testing Qaida for years at Learning Roots, and we've incorporated all of that knowledge and expertise into Read and Rise.

This book has been produced and meticulously customized to provide the best possible Quran learning experience. The following is how it works:

  • Graded stages that take your youngster from learning the alphabet to reciting the Quran with tajweed like a true Shaykh!
  • The world-famous Madina Mus-haf uses the 'Uthmani script calligraphy style.
  • A large, crisp layout makes the text accessible and easy to read for children.
  • Colorful learning map depicting each chapter as an adventure island, with each level increasing involvement.
  • Reward stickers are used to mark each page once it has been mastered to keep children interested in their learning.
  • A motivational hadith about memorizing the Quran so that your child understands the deeper meaning of reciting it.
  • A line-by-line tickbox (checkbox) that allows your youngster to visualize their development and appreciate tiny victories.
  • A fold-out reference page to aid reading progress by keeping the various letter locations readily available.
  • Pages that are laminated and can survive tears and ordinary use.
  • The book's hardback spiral bound allows it to rest flat and be turned over, allowing only one page to be focused on at a time.
  • Kittab, which reads the words out loud for your child, is compatible with Read and Rise, offering up a whole new world of growth, pleasure, and fluency for your child.

This book combines the best of Quran learning's timeless content with modern teaching pedagogy and design to create a really unique resource.

It's an improvement over the previous edition of the book, and it's possibly the most gorgeous, vivid, and inviting Qaida has ever created. Your child is in for a big treat.

Instead of flipping between pages, children start on a voyage across seven exciting islands, each with its unique set of obstacles. They celebrate their victories, however, with the help of friendly characters and encouraging hadeeth, by placing milestone sticker flags along the road until they reach the final goal.

Each youngster is essentially constructing their own story, full of joy, adventure, and wonderful experiences, while also endearing them to the Quran during their learning journey.

The MANNER in which your child learns to recite the Quran will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Read & Rise is by far the most enjoyable, colorful, and inviting Qaida release to date. Now is the time to start teaching your youngster about the Quran.

Recommended Age: 4+
Format: Hardback Book Spiral Bound
Pages: 48

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