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Juz Amma
Juz Amma
Juz Amma
Juz Amma
Juz Amma
Juz Amma
Juz Amma
Juz Amma

Juz Amma

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How to Get Your Child's Relationship with the Quran Off to a Flying Start
Is it difficult for your child to progress in their Quran reading? Do they seem bored in class? Is it taking them an eternity to memorize even the most basic Surahs? Are you concerned that your youngster is not developing a positive relationship with Allah's book?

First impressions are important. And your child's initial encounter with the Quran will influence how they approach the Quran in the future. So, which parent wouldn't want their child to have the finest possible experience?

Learning the Quran is made enjoyable, welcoming, and simple with Juz Amma by Learning Roots. It reads pages and plays games so that kids can learn on their own, gain confidence, and have fun while doing so. Visualizing achievements and enjoying little victories helps to accelerate reading and memorization.

Here are just a few of the features in this fantastic book that pays attention to all the minor details:

  • Each page of Juz Amma is designed to interact with Kiitab, our talking pen, so that your child can hear, repeat, and memorize each verse.
  • The Hifdh (memorization) games that this book plays with Kiitab are one of its best aspects. The 'Find Me' games are not only entertaining to play, but they also help your youngster improve his or her hifz.
  • The Kiitab functions offer English translations of each stanza so that your child may follow along.
  • This book uses the same Tajweed color coding as the world-famous Madinah Uthmani Script Mushaf, making it simple for your child to recognize the tajweed laws wherever they appear.
  • We've also included a beautiful graphical layout that explains the tajweed rules with examples, resulting in more accurate and better recitation.
  • To allow the pages to breathe, we've added a lot of extra space between the lines and words, creating a large, inviting layout for your youngster to read.
  • Juz Amma by Learning Roots is a robust hardback book with laminated pages and a spiral-bound spine that allows your child to focus on one page at a time.
  • We've included a pull-out reference page with a color-coded breakdown of the tajweed guidelines as well as the meanings of the Quran's minor signs and symbols. With every page they recite, your child has quick access to this reference.
  • To make the experience more welcome for your youngster, we've incorporated friendly characters and motivational hadeeth.
  • Learning Roots' Juz Amma contains lesson and revision log sheets to track, analyze, and enhance your child's recitation and memorization progress.
  • The stop marks at the conclusion of each verse have been created to double as checkboxes, allowing you to track each lesson verse by verse.
  • Alongside this, we’ve also included space in the margins for you to mark the date of each progress point or to make notes.
  • This book contains a fold-out Hifdh Shelf that your child completes by adding the sticker in the shape of a book that represents each

Juz Amma brings together features from our best-selling Hifdh Logbook and incorporates the popular Hifdh Shelf that we’ve published in the past. It makes a great addition to our Kiitab range and all of its details are sure to delight your child.

The Juz Amma book covers the 30th part of the Noble Quran. This section is also referred to as "Amma Sipara" or "Amma Para". It does not cover the entire Quran, rather it covers Surah An-Naba' to Surah An-Naas.

To get your Juz Amma, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button above. May your child’s first Quran experience get off to a flying start.

Number of Pages: 60
Binding: Hardback Spiral Bound

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