Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)

Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)
Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)
Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)
Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)
Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)
Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)
Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)
Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)

Hajj & Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids)

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Make Your Kid Excited About Hajj and Umrah
Do you want your youngster to be looking forward to Hajj?

Do you get disappointed that the Hajj comes and goes without your child actually appreciating the blessings of the season?

Do you wish your children had a better understanding of Hajj and appreciated its inner and outer beauty?

We understand because we've been in your shoes. What we actually need is a way to both thrill and teach our youngsters about Hajj in a way that warms their hearts and displays its benefits as a magnificent opportunity to get closer to Allah. That's why the Learning Roots Hajj & Umrah Activity Book was created.

In a child's modern context, this amazing book employs enjoyable activities to introduce, excite, and advance learning about the important topics of Hajj and Umrah. Most importantly, your child will be giddy with anticipation for Hajj. This is how:

We built these books to mainstream quality standards, having Hajj and Umrah in mind from the start. The book provides an outpouring of children enjoying a good time practicing Islam in a setting and context that they understand.

The activities we've included are both practical and contextualized, so your child will learn not just about Ramadan's dos and don'ts, but also about how Ramadan affects their lives, their environment, and the world around them.

Each page is peppered with stunning drawings of both boys and girls of all races, demonstrating the Ummah's beauty and diversity.

These books are available in two distinct age ranges, so you can pick the appropriate level for your child. This book is appropriate for children who are still learning to read independently. This book is recommended for children aged 5 and up, but every child is different!

The book is jam-packed with faith-based entertainment. There are plenty of Hajj-themed activities to keep your child entertained while learning. Mazes, puzzles, stories, crafts, spot the difference, and hundreds of stickers are among the activities available.

Hands-on activities include designing, making, and using items. Cut-outs for games are included, as well as a pull-out Hajj map that your youngster may personalize.

The Hajj Activity Book is the culmination of years of work on Hajj-related products. The activities build on previous goods that have provided delight to tens of thousands of Muslim households worldwide. Every ounce of our creative energy has gone into this book.

Recommended Age: 8+
Format: Paperback Books
Pages: 133

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