Empty the Ocean (Baraka Blue)

Empty the Ocean (Baraka Blue)
Empty the Ocean (Baraka Blue)
Empty the Ocean (Baraka Blue)

Empty the Ocean (Baraka Blue)

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A dive into the ocean of Sufi poetry with contemporary Sufi poet Baraka Blue.

"In the name of Infinite Compassion and Mercy. What you hold in your hands is a collection of poems. These poems are reflections on living and dying and dreaming and awakening. I proceed with the firm conviction—for what reason I cannot easily say—that below the layers of persona we each wear, there is a place deep within where we all meet. It is for this reason that we can feel deeply the expression of another being. Without this transpersonal meeting place, there would be an impassible chasm between each individual. In a forest, each tree appears a unique entity, separate from all others. Yet, below the surface, their roots are intimately interwoven, and more importantly, they are all woven into—and out of—the ground of being itself. We are souls of the same soil."

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