Purity & Prayer: A Rhyming Picture Book of Sacred Rulings ( Faceless Edition)

Purity & Prayer: A Rhyming Picture Book of Sacred Rulings ( Faceless Edition)

Purity & Prayer: A Rhyming Picture Book of Sacred Rulings ( Faceless Edition)

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About the Author:
Ameena is an American-Muslim born and raised in Northern California. She is the youngest of five children and has a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science. Her connection to poetry and spirituality was ignited as a young girl when she first read poems about God and His Messenger ﷺ in the preface of The Elementary Teachings of Islam. They touched her heart. During her years as a Sunday school student, Ameena continued to write basic rhymes related to her faith. After becoming a mother, she began studying Islam formally and once again started writing, beginning with a poem she titled “My Way Back.” 

Ameena has benefited from amazing scholars at Zaytuna Institute (before Zaytuna College) such as Imam Tahir Anwar, Ustadha Shamira Chothia Ahmed, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Ustadha Saira Abu Bakr, Imam Zaid Shakir, and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. After she studied Hanafi Fiqh, Ameena was given permission to teach. She has taught women and children privately in homes, Sunday schools, and local mosques. Ameena also opened her home often for learning in a fun way. Children have done Islamic crafts on her dining table, learned fiqh in her living room, and made wudu on her lawn. Ameena has a great love for nature and her favorite place is the ocean. In her spare time she loves learning, writing and reflecting on the signs of God.

About the Illustrator:
Reyhana Ismail is a UK-based graphic designer specializing in print design, with a primary focus on books and magazines. Her work has gradually evolved to include more illustrations for children's books, created both digitally and by hand.

Using stunning imagery, Reyhana's minimal style reflects her belief that when it comes to design, less is more. She has recently opened up an online store, selling beautifully designed stationery.

In her personal life, she is a mother of two children, with whom she enjoys baking, art and traveling, and she is also a keen swimmer. 

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