The Spirits of Black Folk: Sages Through the Ages | Hijrah Book

The Spirits of Black Folk: Sages Through the Ages | Hijrah Book


The Spirits of Black Folk: Sages Through the Ages

Title The Spirits of Black Folk: Sages Through the Ages | Hijrah Book
Type Book

The Spirits of Black Folk: Sages Through the Ages

If Black lives mattered to God such that he revealed verses about them in the Qur’an, there should be no ambivalence among our communities about valuing Black lives. Imam al-Suyuti delivers this message clearly through his insightful text, which includes the names and unique qualities of the multiple Black Companions of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the Qur’anic verses regarding them, a commentary on the value of the land of Abyssinia itself (where many of the Black Companions originated from), and much more.

Dimensions: 6 in x 9 in

Number of Pages: approx. 150 pages

About the Author:

Imam Jalaludin al-Suyuti is hailed as a leading authority in Islamic Law and is widely considered to be a reviver of Islam in the 10th Islamic century. He is one of the foremost hadith masters, encyclopaedist, historian, biographer, and a prolific writer of highly influential Islamic texts. To this day, enormous numbers of his essays, treatises, and other writings are preserved.

About the Translator: 

Imam Adéyínká Mendes is the founder of the Bilal Spiritual Center for Peace and the Arts and co-founder of the African-American Healing, Ancestry, and Development (AHAD) Collective, an international speaker, spiritual activist, educator, author, and translator of sacred literature. He is a recipient of the Center for Global Muslim Life "2020 Spiritual Impact Award" and his latest work, "The Spirits of Black Folk: Sages Through the Ages" is due to be released in 2021.

Makkah to Madinah: A Photographic Journey of the Hijrah Route

This masterful work is a chronological retracing of the blessed Hijrah route performed by the best of creation, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Carefully studied and written, Dr. al-Kadi scrupulously chronicles the Prophetic Hijrah route with exhaustive research, years of field expeditions, and the utilization of advanced GPS technology.

He examined every available resource from Hadith and Seerah literature and narrations to historical documents, maps from the eighteenth century through the present, as well as conducting extensive interviews with local residents to glean information handed down through generations.  After analyzing, synthesizing, and cross-checking the information from this research he determined as precisely as possible the exact route of the Prophet’s (SAW) Hijrah.

Author: Dr. Abdullah al-Kadi

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